Trace #3: Opening Night: Open Invitation.


Audience: a huge 34.


Well. Essentially it looks like a party bomb went off. Wool+Jam together. In fact, the party never stopped. It kept going. I’m surprised there wasn’t fisty-cuffs over the pink plastic cups. Seriously, this audience was outta control.

They definitely aren’t the sort to colour in between the lines.

So: if they haven’t drowned in their own mess in the next year or so, I’d expect that many of them will end up as those fun-but-slightly-too-much friends who you love-but-hate.

Just how we felt about them as we were cleaning up the dregs this morning.

Wool and Jam people. Wool AND jam.

ps Who is Harry?


Trace #2: Preview of Open Invitation

Audience: 6 dancers.


Its all very handsome. Very pretty. Very sweet. ON THE SURFACE.
Look at those bottles: chained together. The outsiders. The extradited. The abandoned.
This audience needs to watch out who and what they ignore. It may hurt someone.
You, for example.

Trace #1

Audience: 6 theatre makers.


Fortune: These six are reaching for the finer things in life: caviar, champagne, hot-air balloon rides and the like. However the bridge tells us the truth of their future. See how unstable it is? D-A-N-G-E-R .

But I say be brave. The path IS there to be walked after all.

And maybe there will be treasure at the top. Or at least a good view.

An idea. Perhaps.

As part of a little project I have been inviting audiences to create “something” out of various materials.

Each audience has created something quite different.

What does the sculpture say about them?

Perhaps nothing. Perhaps something. Perhaps there is a project in this idea.

Let’s see.